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Posted on 11/07/2014

To be honest. I hate writing about “myself.” I mean really – how much can I really tell you about who I am? We would honestly need to write entire book in order to cover it all! #smiling

one woman. many dimensions.

Honestly, you never know what you’re going to get out of me.  I have tons to share, most of which you will find out while exploring my blog BUT, in the mean time, here are some fun facts about  “who” ebby.K is – check out this blog post here.

Born in Brooklyn, but started living in the south in my tween years, I would safely describe myself as an “out the box” type of lady.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love lipstick. I love fashion. I love anything that is organically beautiful.

Truly a lover of all things beautiful, I am a lifestyle blogger, a woman of influence and an inspirational portal who absolutely loves and feeds off of seeing people around me grow.

Positive energy is everything to me. Organic people mean a lot to me. 

With the motto, “feel your BEAUTY and OWN IT” I believe that every women owes herself the opportunity to really get to know herself from the inside out and THAT is what my blog is all about; inspiring YOU to become the BEST woman you can possibly be!

be inspired.

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