pain for PURPOSE

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” 
-Peter Marshall-  


In the quest to purpose-driven lives, we will find ourselves encountering some very difficult and uncomfortable situations while working towards our dreams, goals and aspirations.

There will be times when we may have to work with people we do not particularly care for, deal with clients who are difficult and even times we will have to go places that we do not want to go. 

Sharing my own personal walk with you, I have realized and have accepted the fact that in order for me personally get where God wants me to be, I am going to have to swallow a lot of hard pills ~ that is inevitable ~ that is part of my growth. I just pray that when I do have to swallow those pills, the Lord will give me something good to drink with it so that the digestive process is not as hard. 

We will encounter situations and work with people that we personally could do without. But, we have to remember that in every hardship there is a blessing. Where this is darkness there is always a ray of light shining through ~ we just have to have willing and open hearts and minds to see it ~ all for the glory of God in order to arrive to our destiny. 

Many times, we encounter these situations not as a punishment, but the situations are tests of our strength, our faith and often times they are placed in our lives to push us to an entirely new level in our growth and development which prepares us for the next big thing.  

Growth does not occur without some form of pain ~ it occurs when you are forced to a change; whether it is mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Your growth is the key to your success. 
What if every test was a preparation for that next level of blessing you have been praying for? 

Often times when I write these inspirational blogs, I write as an inspiration to myself as well. Reading back on past posts that I have written has definitely helped me get through some difficult times and situations. 

I truly believe that when you are walking in your purpose, you will face situations that are very hard to deal with ~ but we always have to remember, these are just tests and trial runs to see if we can handle the next level and when passed, we elevate to the next level.

Let us work on becoming ELEVATED and let our INSPIRATIONS inspire US to move forward, keep pushing and marching to the beat of OUR own drums towards OUR goals. 

I know personally I have to keep telling myself that the tears from the pain are not in vain ~ I will reap the benefits and blessings of my harvest and work as long as I keep God first.

Someone once said to me “God lead us and we will follow” ~ but the question is…”Will you really allow God to lead you?” “Are you really willing to go through the trenches in order to get to your purpose?” “Are you willing to sacrifice your feelings in order to bless others?

Behind the PAIN there is PURPOSE.


  • Eclectically_Me

    Excellent post! I personally finally began to let God lead me where he wants me to go. I finally stopped trying to figure things out. I stopped trying to hop on different paths that clearly weren’t aligned with my purpose.
    I can truly say when God leads, he LEADS! Let him!

    01/30/2013 at 2:53 am
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