full circle

I remember what life was like before he came around. I was searching for him and through many disappointments and heartaches, trials and tribulations; I realized that my focus was in the wrong place. An epiphany suddenly hit me…I am not supposed to be searching for him, but searching for me, putting all my energy into discovering who I am.

I realized that nothing or no one would fill my voids or satisfy my desires until I became in tune with myself. I knew I had to focus, because at the end of the day, looking for someone to love – but then turn around and realize you don’t love yourself…will only sabotage your relationship.

I’ve been following Passion For Christ for a long time; actually since I was single. I remember listening to Jannette’s poem “I Will Wait For You,” remembering how it resonated in my spirit. Everything she spoke described my life to a “t.” I remember posting about it and now, let’s fast forward to approximately, five years later. Jannette is married and speaking her truth to her new husband at the altar.

Listening to Janette’s vows on her wedding day took me back.  If I could have had Janette at my wedding saying this very poem word for word, she would have said everything that was on my heart to my husband at the altar on our wedding day. Every single thing she said is my story. I lost all hope and was finally at a place where I was happy by myself and with God.

This post is dedicated to women who are searching, women who have lost hope and want to give up. Women with broken hearts…trust and know that in YOUR season God will send a man into your life who only He has given the grace, patience and wisdom to tear down those hardened walls surrounding your heart and to show you that there is light on the other side of the moon!!

I love you and I am rooting for you.

If He did it for me…you know the rest.

Be inspired.


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