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This  past weekend, I had opportunity to be a blogger for Mizani at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and I had a ball.  This was my first time attending the hair show and it was definitely an experience to remember.

Event Recap
Between attending seminars, meeting the AMAZING Mizani stylists and having backstage access to check out the “behind the scenes” – let’s just say, ebby.K was all in her element, I felt right at home!

One thing I noticed about the Mizani team is that they are just that – a TEAM! When it was time to get the models ready, all hands were on deck! You know how some people “say” they are a team and really, they aren’t? Well, that is not the case with this team. Everyone from the stylists, the crew, photographers, videographers, marketing, tech people – everyone’s hands was on deck and you could tell by their production and the organization of their booth area (which was actual a theatre area) – that this team was about their business.

In my honest opinion, Mizani’s booth was the BEST set up at the show (and I am not just saying that because I covered their show either!)

A-HA Moment…
I did not know that Mizani has hair products for women with natural hair – it’s called True Textures  for Natural Hair. I am sure I’m not the only person who thought Mizani only catered to women with relaxed hair – so wrong I was. The moisture rich shampoo and conditioner paired with the supreme oil and coconut souffle light moisturizing hairdress did wonders for my hair- honey, it’s the T-R-U-T-H! With my hair being super curly and colored, my hair can get really job, especially my ends.

I checked out Mizani’s curl key section of their site to see what other products would work for my “hair type.”  I found out that I have type V/VI hair – between coiled and very coiled.  I had a chance to talk with a Master Stylist Evie Johnson, based in DC and told her that I have never straightened my hair since I’ve been natural and she was surprised. I actually felt that because my hair was so fine, that straightening it would be a waste of time. Little did I know, I was invited to come back the next day (Sunday) to be a hair model in the “Raising the Bar with Signature Service” portion of the show  where Carlon Thompson, Master Stylist based in Sacramento, California straightened my hair using the Thermosmooth line– talking about excited!

Not only did I have an opportunity to meet the Mizani team, but I had an opportunity to be a model for the show. More details on my first experience in being a hair model and straightening my coming soon to the blog…


Here is a pic of me and all of my straightened hair glory!

Let me  tell you, I am so humbled and grateful.

Thank you Mizani for blessing me with this opportunity, truly one I will never forget.

be inspired.

Pics from this weekend’s show – enjoy!

Here are some #selfies I took with some amazing women I met from Mizani!

mizani collage


About Mizani
MIZANI, the professional authority for all curl textures continues to lead the professional industry with best in class education and tools designed for salon growth.

This year at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, MIZANI’s Master Artists, presented education in best in class salon techniques such as Texture Management, Raising the Bar with Signature Service, Extended Manes and Interactive play-stations using Lacers and True Textures. Attendees also learned about revenue building skills and had opportunity to join StyleSeat, the #1 beauty-booking platform and leaders in salon business tools.

To learn more about Mizani and to find where products are sold near you, check out their site at www.mizani.com.

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