don’t worry, it’s shaping you

I am sure you have heard the saying “Pain on Purpose” before but do you truly know the meaning? If you remember my posts sharing my pain and pain for purpose you have probably realized that I have been through a lot – and I have, but, I can honestly say that everything that I have been through, shaped me to be the woman I am today. To be honest, my strength was built during those hard times in my life.

“You never know your strength until being strong is the only way you are going to survive.

Going through things helps shape you to be who you are and who you are designed to be. Also realize this, what you are going through is not for you, it is for someone else; I am a true believer in that. I remember my last hard season, I cried so much and honestly, I did not feel like being here anymore. I wanted to run away, isolate myself, cut everything and everyone off and be on an island alone just to get away from it all.

I cried so much and asked God,  “why me?” The response was as clear as the sun shining through blinds on a beautiful spring morning, He said, “be strong ebby, you will get your blessing, but for right now, I need you to go through this so that you can help another woman get through it too. If I do not take you through this, you will not have the right words to say to get “her” through.”

Do you know how hard it was for me to swallow that pill? I felt so defeated, discouraged and let down. It was like unfortunate things in my life would not stop occurring, BUT GOD!

Pain on purpose is saying that everything you have been through has a true purpose behind it. Nothing that has happened in your life has happened in vain.  It is all there to strengthen you and to build you up to help someone else. I have realized that my life is not about me, it is about helping and inspiring women who are “going through” and to show them that no matter what you have been through, you can still come out on top, smiling and happier than you were before. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and once the rain stops your rainbow will appear- but do you have the courage to get through your season in order to experience the sunshine?

Nothing in life comes easy, at least not for the majority of us. We have to work for what we want, we have to “go through” and we have to realize that this is LIFE, our LIFE and we must play the hand of the cards we have been dealt. Nothing in your life is by surprise, it’s already ordained to happen and because it happened, you already have the strength to get through – it is going to help shape you.

Can you recall seasons in your life when you asked yourself “how am I going to make it?” Now look at those times NOW and realize that you are STILL HERE! *praise dance* Now, tap into exactly HOW it has helped shape the person you are today and how at the end of the day, you are still here!

I am not saying that everything you have been through had/has an immediate positive impact but, if you truly look at “that thing” and really search deep within on the “what” you experienced, you will realize that it all HAD to happen and that your PAIN was on purpose for a purpose.

Your life is not about you boo!!! Once you get that, you will find yourself getting through the next season stronger than the last and then you will be able to share with someone else how you got through.

I personally find myself looking back and wondering “how on Earth did I make it” but as I sit and think, no matter what it was – it always ended out being for my good. Going through it, I could not see it but once the smoke cleared, I was able and still able to see exactly WHY I had to go through.

I love all of you dearly and know that you are not alone. Trust me, someone else has gone through it, going through it or going through it worse than what you are dealing with.

be inspired.

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