giving thanks: family edition

In all things, give thanks!

For Thanksgiving, I decided to do something a little different. Typically, I would venture out with my husband to be with his family; I’ve been doing that for the past four years! This year, my heart told me to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family in Charleston and that is exactly what I did…and I am SO GLAD I did!

While I was home packing, I thought to myself, I would love to host Thanksgiving for my family BUT I have no idea where to start with preparations. Everything from picking out a turkey to actually prepping and cooking it was really overwhelming to me. Making dressing, yams and those famous COLLARDS – “like really?” You watch your family prepare these things but to actually go in and do it yourself – now that’s another story.

Funny how things work out…

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was tasked to prep and cook Thanksgiving dinner at grandma’s and let me tell you – it was SO GOOD! Grandma asked me to finish washing and seasoning the turkey – I did that. The turkey was so good, we lost a wing (and we ate it too; hence the missing wing in the turkey pic!)

Grandma watched and coached me along the way with everything. As she sat, watched and talked me through I smiled because I knew that “this” moment was one to cherish for the rest of my life, THIS MOMENT was my training ground. Every directive she gave me, I took it in. Sweet simple moments such as having my grandma walk me through on how to prepare this special meal are moments that I will never forget; a tradition I feel confident enough to continue on. 

In that moment, I realized that the simple sweet moments mean so much to me. I realized in that moment that I focus too much “other” stuff that I miss out on the important stuff.  

We focus so much on the irrelevant that we totally miss out on the relevant. 

How many simple sweet moments have you missed? 

Enjoy life’s sweetest moments, they are moments you will never see again.

be blessed

be inspired.

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