#transformationtuesday: 11/18

In order to appreciate where I am, I have to look back to where I used to be and realize this one thing…

“ebby, you’re not where you want to be BUT you sure as heck are not where you used to be!”

Feeling defeated in my weight loss journey, I had to take a look at some pictures of myself from the past when I was at my heaviest and had to come to terms that clearly, I’m not “her” anymore.

At times, I feel defeated because I want to refocus my mind, body and soul back to going hard on my weight loss so that I can finally accomplish my goals. but there is something about “getting back” into “that” frame of mind that can be challenging when you experience some major life changes – BUT, I’m on my way!

Day by day, I’m on my way!

Looking back at the pic to the left (in the pink dress) which was  at my friend’s wedding (April 2012) I was HEAVY as I do not know what!!!!! This was a time in my life when I only took selfies OR scooted myself all the way to the back of a group shot because I didn’t want anyone to “see me.”  Sure, I’ll show that “pretty face” but my body – UMMM NO!!!

Where I am today isn’t where I want to be (pic to the right) but I can surely say it’s not where I used to be and for that I am grateful and will continue to PUSH forward to accomplish my end goal. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad just for a quick fix to lose weight and to be honest, there is nothing better than going to the doctor for your physical and them telling you that you are HEALTHY!!! #PraiseTheLord!

left: april 2012 | right: november 2014


Here are some pics of me throughout this entire journey I’ve been on.

be inspired.

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