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learn to love your hair tour: charlotte

2013 was a great year to say the least. I traveled quite a bit! Towards the end of the year, I had the opportunity to attend  Taren Guy’s, Love and Learn Your Hair Tour in Charlotte, NC. I met some amazing ladies and a few of my fav bloggers- Kim from Naturally Fashionable and beautiful YouTuber Amanda G!
Side Note: I met Amanda at the MAC counter a while ago (go figure!)
Though I chose not to rock my natural hair and opted for my oversized afro puff, I think I blended in quite well. My natural hair is a lot of work and sometimes a sister doesn’t feel like it.

details on my look
leather vest: Bar II
crop top: Forever 21
leggings: Kardashian Collection
sneakers & bag: Michael Kors

ebby.K in the News – Everyday Runway w/Jennifer Michelle

I can not BELIEVE I hadTV appearance on WCCB Charlotte News Rising Everyday Runway segment with model Jennifer Michelle.

The opportunity to share my story was truly ordained by God; totally caught me by surprise. I always say, you never know who’s watching you and this experience was no exception.

Everything from the fitting at Off Saks 5th in Concord Mills with stylist Enjaneek, having my custom wig created by my long time stylist and friend Tara at Salon Transitions, and getting my face “beat” by the only man I will allow to put makeup on my face, Laron of Prodigal Beauty – this was nothing short of a dream come true for me – I can definitely get used to this!

Jennifer Michelle, contacted me a week prior to the show’s scheduled air date about being on her segment Everyday Runway on WCCB Charlotte to talk about my weight loss journey. I met Jennifer when I volunteered backstage at a fashion show in Charlotte back in April. Who would have known that five months later, Jennifer and I would reconnect and this time it would include a full makeover highlighting the success of my weight loss – WOW

What’s funny is that I started to buckle down in my weight loss late March/early April. So when I met Jennifer, Classy Fit Gal (me, ebby.K) was working on herself in the background on the low low not realizing that the birthing of my “baby” was happening as I began to work on me – isn’t that CRAZY!

Let’s just say this experience was nothing short of amazing and I totally felt comfortable in front of the camera; they called me a “natural” at this. #smiling

Honestly, I thought I would be nervous but NOT! I was actually more excited than anything. I knew I had just a few minutes to not only talk about why I started my weight loss journey but was also given the opportunity to share my heart – my love – Classy Fit Gals.

Having the opportunity to share my story with people outside of my social network was nothing short of a blessing from the One above.

Below is a snippet of the television segment.


Jennifer also shared my makeover experience on her blog, check it out here.

This was an experience that I take in daily and savor every memory. It’s moments of reflections like this that keep me going; especially on days when I feel like giving up.

This journey isn’t just for me, but it’s for everyone else who is counting on me to succeed.

details on the look…
Opportunity: Jennifer Michelle
Hair: Tara @ Salon Transitions
Makeup: Laron, Prodigal Beauty
Attire: Off 5th (Saks), Concord Mills
Dress: Calvin Klien
Shoes: Brian Atwood

ootd: miss curvy 2013

This past weekend I had to opportunity to be a judge for the Miss Curvy 2013 pageant which was held at the Charlotte Uptown Hotel in Charlotte, NC.
Eight curvy and confident contestants competed for the title. The confidence that the ladies had was contagious. There was no way any woman no matter the shape or size should have walked out feeling anything less than the best!
Before the pageant we interviewed the ladies asking them various questions and let me tell you, some of the answers were tear jerking moments for me. I honestly had to hold my tears back and remain in judge mode.
NATURALLY I had to sneak in some shots of me in the bathroom because I was definitely feeling my outfit from head to hem.
details on my look
dress and coverup: H&M
Booties: Jean-Michel Cazabat
Bowring-Bracelet: Pink Velvet Designs
Hair: Sassy Mitchell – LOVE this HAIR!
I was in judge mode so taking pics while the ladies were competing wasn’t happening BUT I did capture some quick flicks after the show and naturally the crowning of Miss Curvy 2013!
Left: Ena (I’m Possible Curves) , Laron (Prodigal Beauty) and Marlena (I’m Possible Curves)
Right: Marlena and Miss Curvy 2013
Crowning of Miss Curvy 2013 – CONGRATS LADY!

weekend wear – the auditions!

I know it has been a while since I have posted to the blog but trust me, it is with good reason!

If you have not heard, I launched my FIRST YouTube video on February 4, 2013 and boy has life taken over since. I finally decided it was time to connect with you on a different level so, rather than you just reading my words on the screen, you actually now have a chance to interact and get a feel for my personality!

Realizing that my videos were not that great (quality wise) my awesome husband decided to surprise me with some amazing equipment and I am forever grateful. My pictures and videos will get better as I learn how to use the camera more and more each day I use it.  Reading the manual may just help! LOL ((smiling))

On to other fun things…

This past weekend I had the pleasure of auditioning for one of the LARGEST Plus Size Fashion Shows – Full Figure Fashion Week! I found out about Full Figure Fashion Week late last year from a friend of mine but by the time I really knew about everything it was too late to attend the event! I told myself that 2013 was going to be all about trying new things so…what did I do?

1. I auditioned to be the FACE of Full Figure Fashion Week and
2. I auditioned to be a model in the show ~ hence my pictures.

I traveled to Charlotte for the auditions where I was amongst many BEAUTIFUL LADIES who were auditioning as well. I know my height can be a strain for me since I am only 5’3″ but hey, I did it! I can say that I put my best foot forward and went after my goals and dreams! For years people have always told me that I needed to model – one cab driver told me “hey, you need to be on the billboards of Times Square” ~~ all words that I never forgot and continue to keep them in my heart knowing that at the right place during the right time and right season it will all come together. Because of my height, I am thinking commercial, print, fit, urban couture is more the route for me unless someone gives me a chance to strut their runway because I will STRUT!!! ((smiling))

Below are some pictures from my weekend excursion to Charlotte. I met some amazing ladies as well as had the opportunity to hang out with a near and dear friend of mine who I had not seen in YEARS! Kenya, your support meant so much!

So, what did I wear?

I knew for this casting I wanted to be comfy. The last casting I went to, I wore jeans and I was not comfy or confident! To be honest with you…I HATE JEANS ~ never liked them ~ not even when I was smaller! I knew leggings were a sure shot deal for me ~ the ultimate confident booster because I LOVE my hips and thighs! Once I throw on some heals…sashay sashay! I paired up my leggings with a high/low crop shirt lion print shirt and a snakeskin crop jacket I purchased from Dillards the evening before. I knew I wanted that funky look so I opted for my outrageous puff, some lashes and my infamous bold red lip where I rocked MAC RED!

It is SO LIBERATING to be comfortable in your skin and confident in your curves! I can truly say that I have arrived! Granted I could stand to loose some inches and tighten up – but all in all I LOVE the way I look and that is a beautiful place to be!

Here are some pictures from this weekend ~~ Enjoy!!!

details on my look
jacket & shirt: Dillards
leggings: Gap
shoes:  Vince Camuto
lips: MAC Red