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styled by ebby.K

Fruity & Suity Summer – Plus Size Edition

Trying something different can always be a challenge. Mixing patterns and colors together to create your fabulous summer look can be exciting and invigorating, you just have to open your mind to it.

The weather is “trying” to break so what better time than to start gathering your summer gear than now.

I’m a curvy girl, so when I was contacted by ModCloth to put together a fun beach-ready look for my plus size gals, I took the honors to do so.

Many plus-size ladies think just because they have curves, they can’t show their assets – I beg to differ. It’s always best to focus on your greatest assets. If you have nice legs, show them. If you have a tummy, then cover it up with a one piece. Rule of thumb, always pick a swim suit that will cancel parts of you that you aren’t too comfortable sharing and one that will celebrate parts of you that you love.

Take for example this cute bathing suit from ModCloth –  the Fruity Suity One Piece designed for all of my plus size beauties. It’s a fun, flirty, cute yet modest bathing suit. It accentuates all of the right curves.

Now pair this bathing suit with a fun Day In, Day Outside hat that’s pool ready!

I love scarves so when I saw this Bow to Stern Scarf I immediately fell in love.

Can’t forget to pair this fun summer look with some shoes, check out Dreaming on a Dock Sandals– CUTE!

And I absolutely LOVED the It’s a Fruity Point Wedge wedges. Never would have thought to wear fruity of my feet!!!

Are you ready for the summer? Share your look with me – I want to know what you’re wearing!!!!Check out my entire head to hem ensemble here  – are you ready for the summer!?!Find other cute plus size bathing suites here on ModCloth today, you won’t be disappointing.

ootd: cropping it!

NEVER EVER in a million years did I think I could get away with wearing a crop top!!!

Now let me tell you, when I received this crop top I was not at the place {at least I didn’t think so} that I could wear this. I’ve always had a flat stomach but with my past weight gain it slowly became non existent. It was truly a motivation for me to get on board with my weight loss journey. So many items I wanted to wear but because of my size I wasn’t feeling it. Following fab plus size bloggers has truly inspired me to knock off the insecurities, love who I am and where I am and be CLASSY and SASSY while doing it!

I always had great fashion sense and style and always was known to be a “dresser” and “style diva” but on the inside I surely didn’t feel like it.  Getting out of my comfort zone with showing my belly was always a NO NO for me {along with showing my legs by wearing shorts} but slowly I am transitioning out of that.  I have to remember that I am loosing weight so I need to release the mindset of what I can NOT wear and start opening my eyes to items that I can wear and be comfortable in it.

When I saw this crop top and skirt on ASOS a while ago {late last year when I was going through my ASOS crave} ~ I  knew I had to have it!

I absolutely LOVE and ADORE ASOS ~ it’s truly where I get a lot of my clothing besides random boutiques (I LOVE boutique shopping!)

Now that I am 25 pounds down and counting {50 more to go} I decided that it was time to whip the crop top out ~ so I said what the heck, packed it up for my NY trip and wore it out to our family dinner at Carmines (ate too much). Of course I did the “preview” with hubby and he loved it so I said…okay, let me rock this!

details on my look
crop top & skirt: ASOS
bag: H&M
sandals: BCBG {similar here}
bow ring and bracelet: Pink Velvet Designs
cuff bracelets: Forever 21 (similar here)
what Mr. wore
{(styled by moi :)}
shirt and pants: Sean John
sneakers: Nike
watch: G-Shock

No matter where I live, I will always be a Brooklyn gal!

be BEAUTIFUL and show your confidence. 

Your size does not dictate your beauty! 

blocking brights


I love to wear bright pieces and pair them up with some of my more suttle neutral pieces. It’s something about that extra flavor in an outfit that gives it more spice and spunk !  Take for example this classic blue French Connection dress. The pops of color in the accessories took this classic blue dress and made it a fashion forward “hey now” look!

Don’t be afraid of color – color is your BFF. If you aren’t bold enough to wear a bright dress, then throw the color in by using some fab accessories!


corporate stellar

This weeks style set is pulling on the more classic look – the flavorful yet classic all black corporate trend. Wearing all black is definitely “comfy” for lots of women ~ but don’t be afraid to jazz it up with a splash of color. Their is nothing more flavorful and classic than seeing all black with a pit of pizazz!
Ms. McQueen  styled by ebby.K

happy love day

Today is national LOVE day ~ it is Valentine’s Day! A day to show and share your LOVE with the one’s you love. I even say, show your LOVE to those who do not show you LOVE ~ they  need LOVE too!   Today is an EVERYONE needs LOVE kind of day.
Today’s post is a “Special Edition” post because not only is it LOVE day, but it is also a day to LOVE yourself!  I’ve put together some FUN style ideas to give you some inspiration on getting dolled up today!   It does not necessarily mean you have to get dolled up for a date, BUT get dolled up for yourself! There is nothing better than looking in the mirror and genuinely LOVING what you see!
Have a fab LOVE filled day!






LOVE EDITION: lips and Givenchy



lady of STYLE-&-CLASS

She walks into a room and immediately all eyes are drawn to her because she is FLAWLESS.
All heads turn and admire how well put together this LADY of STYLE-n-CLASS looks.
Not only is she put together visually but internally she is OUTSTANDING! She walks in grace, forgiveness, dreams and hope.This week’s style set shows how various ways of how to style one single dress by using different accessories.



stripes & polkas

BOOM. BAM. POW. STRIPES. DOTS. POLKAS AND MORE!Out of all the sets I put together, I think this one is my FAV!The pairing of the stripes, bold polkas, classic black and white with a pop of COLOR – how can you go wrong!  The black and white trend is FIERCE for the spring. Designers are making  bold statements with the classic color combination giving buyers a variety of patterns and styles to choose from.

How much fun can you have with stripes and polkas? Are you bold enough to try?

If you find a piece that you adore, and you’re a little “shy” to wear it as is you can tone it down by adding a solid color jacket, scarf or bag. I encourage you, do not be afraid to make a statement ~ you will look FIERCE!

This look is definitely for THAT GIRL who wants to make a statement but keep it classic!

Everything in the style set below is priced under $100 per item – *smiling*

Don’t forget, you can shop the look by clicking the image icons at the bottom of the page under the “SHOP THE LOOK” heading.

Enjoy and let me know if you’re feeling this!?!

Patterns and Prints styled by ebby.K featuring Ray ban eyewear


“the FRENCH connection”

Finding something to wear to the office can be such a task ~ especially if you have to go into the office every single day! 
I often hear my poor mother complain because she simply does not have “anything” to wear. I laugh because I look in her closet and in her drawers and they are all filled to capacity. Surely, even my mother has no space for any additional garments unless she decides to give some things away!
If you have the same issue as my mom, here is a style set created by yours truly to inspire you on how you can mix and match what’s already in your closet to create a different look with what you already have.
All you need are some key pieces such as your basic black dress, some slacks, a blazer (any of the listed colors) brown, navy, black, khaki, gray and a white/cream top! 
These simple pieces can help you create that stylish “office ready” look by taking simple neutral colors and adding pops of color!  Never forget to add your accessories by pairing your look up with some stacked bangles, a charm bracelet, a statement ring and some gorgeous earrings!

DO NOT be afraid to mix and match  – everything does not have to MATCH!! 
COLOR will always bring that edge! 
the FRENCH Connection ~  styled by ebby.K featuring French Connection, Alexander McQueen and Prada


dc savvy – inaugural edition

It is time to CELEBRATE!

2013 is here and now it’s time to prepare for the first big trip of the year – DC Style!

Are you heading to DC for the Inauguration?

If so, here are some hot fashion and style ideas to get your mind into “creating” the perfect look.

Remember, you want to be fashionable and stylish ~ but most importantly COMFORTABLE and WARM! The colder months are all about being warm and you can accomplish this by wearing layers! A nice layered look gives such a great look without feeling as if you are over doing it.

Enjoy and BE INSPIRED!

These looks have also been featured on “Ms. Travel Chic’s” blog! 

Check out Ms. Travel Chic on Facebook and Twitter to get more in depth info and tips 
for all of your traveling needs! 

Inauguration Edition: Airport Ready styled by ebby.K featuring Marc Jacobs


ready for WORK: featuring Tory Burch

Finding that stellar office look that commands attention can be a daunting task – especially if you’re like me and work from home!

So when ever you go into work you want to definitely be a show stopping element of CLASS & SOPHISTICATION!

Check out the style set I’ve created to give you some ideas on how to put that snazzy corporate look together.