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thesistachick brunch

Stacey aka The Sistah Chick, blogger of  who is one of my fav natural hair YouTube vloggers invited me to her birthday brunch.

Not only did I get to hang out with Stacey, but I had the opportunity to meet some awesome ladies in Atlanta while indulging in a great brunch (my fav meal).

Here are some pics from the brunch. The food was so good I didn’t have a chance to take any pics because I was devouring and conquering!

details on my look
dress: boutique in Brooklyn
bag: Lous V
shoes: Michael Kors

on the run tour

Oldie but Goodie!

My best friend and I went to Jay Z and Beyonce’s  “On The Run Tour” in Atlanta this past summer and had a great time.  Going to a concert straight after work can be much of a chore, especially if you’re anything like me and DO NOT plan your outfits.

We had just a few hours to get our bearings together, get dressed and head to the stadium.

I ran in my closet and put this look together. I was cute, comfy and I loved the shoes. I had my eyes on them for some weeks and scooped them up right before the concert. Once I have a vision on a specific look – I go for it.

Least to say, the shoes were HOT and I got plenty of compliments!

details on my look
shirt: Forever 21
pants: H&M
shoes: BCBG
necklaces: Natasha Couture (found at Dillards)
shades: Dolce & Gabana

red lips -n- skirts!

“No matter where you go, God provides.”
– from my Mother In Law – 

There are so many things in life that I want to do. I’m always having a word spoken over me about where God is taking me, but something in me is crippling me to move forward. Just like my weight loss, I have to get to a place where I say NO MORE and I make up my mind, that I’m making moves! No more crippling and not moving forward. No more not moving into my destiny. No more am I going to waste another day and not do what God has created me to do.

We often find ourselves crippled in moving forward because there is a fear associated with it. I admitted at a conference in front of many successful entrepreneurs that I am not only “afraid” of success – but I am nervous of the responsibility that comes with success.  I know God has given me a lot to do, I just need to start making moves and getting it done.

Has God ever given you a glimpse of your future? Has He ever shown you what your life is really designed for?

Listening to my mother-in-law talk to my hubby on the phone and she said “No matter where you go, God provides.” Hearing those words made me realize – that there isn’t a need to be afraid to move forward – God is already there, He is waiting on me to move forward.


Went to Atlanta a few weeks ago and saw this crop sweater and I had to have it. Knowing the seasons are about to change, I had to squeeze this in before it got too warm to wear it!

Guess what – the sweater was on clearance for $5 at H&M – SCORE!!!

be inspired.

details on my look
top: H&M
necklace: Natasha found at Dillards
skirt: Forever 21
sneakers: Michael Kors

Country Girls with Kinks Coils & Curls Natural Hair Meetup

“I am one thankful woman and I truly can not complain. 
If I complain, then call me ungrateful!” – ebby.K

I’m really going to try to do better with posting more on my blog. I’m terrible at this BEAUSE little things like adding pics to my blog can be such a headache. For the sake of my sanity and knowing what I need and SHOULD be doing, I’m going to really attempt to do better.

Now — what that being said…
This past weekend I had the opportunity to be a panelist at the Country Girls with Kinks Coils & Curls Natural Hair Meetup in Charleston, SC. Going to Charleston is always a plus for me, my fav gal lives there and I do some good eating and shopping in Charleston as well. If you’ve never visited, do yourself the favor and go!

I had a great time mixing and mingling with some of Charleston’s finest naturalistas!

I decided to wear this cute dress that I got from H&M in Atlanta last weekend. I’m trying to incorporate MORE color into my wardrobe. Though I AM admittedly a fashion warrior, I have a habit of keeping things kind of “safe” with black. That had a lot to do with me being heavier but now – OH HONEY – but now — I’m ready to BLAST out of my comfort zone and welcome color into my wardrobe with open arms. I have a PLETHORA of things to share with you, some fun additions added to my closet so, without further or do…

details on my look
dress: H&M
earrings: Bebe
bracelets: Natasha found at Dillards
boots: Bebe

winter flurry

I’m a fall baby so I often frown in the winter time.

I’m like a bear – I hibernate! I don’t like to do anything but stay in my house!

If you follow my fitness journey, you probably noticed that I’ve lost some weight (happy dance)  and with that, a lot of my clothes are getting too big on me, including this lovely coat that I purchased in 2012 that I did not wear until this year! *tsk *tsk

Truth be told, this winter was my first time wearing this coat (Christmas 2013) and it was too big. Since it has a belt, I figured I could still get away with it.

What do you think of the look I put together this weekend – be honest!

Here’s what I rocked…

details on my look
Steve Madden

learn to love your hair tour: charlotte

2013 was a great year to say the least. I traveled quite a bit! Towards the end of the year, I had the opportunity to attend  Taren Guy’s, Love and Learn Your Hair Tour in Charlotte, NC. I met some amazing ladies and a few of my fav bloggers- Kim from Naturally Fashionable and beautiful YouTuber Amanda G!
Side Note: I met Amanda at the MAC counter a while ago (go figure!)
Though I chose not to rock my natural hair and opted for my oversized afro puff, I think I blended in quite well. My natural hair is a lot of work and sometimes a sister doesn’t feel like it.

details on my look
leather vest: Bar II
crop top: Forever 21
leggings: Kardashian Collection
sneakers & bag: Michael Kors

she’s so BROOKLYN!

I’ve been digging in my archives and realized that I have NOT been faithful with posting my OOTD pictures. I’ve been posting like a mad woman on Instagram but my poor blog – YIKES!

I will admit, I’ve been slipping in this department – Classy Fit Gals has all of my attention these days!

So, here I am recapping 2013 – better late than never!

Hubby and I decided to road trip it to Atlanta for Memorial Weekend 2013. Low and behold this particular weekend was the first weekend that I actually took full body pictures since I started my weight loss journey in February of this year (2013). See, I was one of those pretty girls that only took head shots because I was never happy with the full body pictures. I always, ALWAYS criticized myself until….

This particular weekend

Memorial Weekend 2013 was the big “AHA”  weekend for me. This was the FIRST time that I actually saw changes in my body.  If you’ve been following me for a while, or even a newbie to the “ebby.K movement” you know that I’ve been documenting my weight loss journey on my blog.

I’ve always been a “hippy” chick. Hippy meaning big hips and a smaller waist. So when I found these red pants at Forever21+ I snagged them up immediately because pants was NOT a staple in my closet – again, moving out of my “comfort” zone.  These are a size 14!

I want to say I purchased these pants in February of 2013 and never wore them because they really didn’t fit “that well.” They were really snug on my waist and I could barely get them up my hips at that time. I actually didn’t wear them until this particular weekend (May 2013).

When I wore them, the waist was a little big -W O W – I couldn’t believe it! OF COURSE the thighs were fitting good but that waist was
getting loose – boy – oh – boy!I paired the red pants up with my “Brooklyn, WE  GO HARD” Biggie shirt that I snagged at Forever21 during a visit to one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC! My BFF picked this out for me. When she saw it she said “ebby, this is YOU girl.”

Sidebar: I’m from Brooklyn *smiling

Excuse hubby’s luggage but I thought these pics were rather cute.

I paired the look with my special edition Jordan’s hubby snagged for me. First time wearing these as well – sneakers were TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. For some reason, they hurt more than my heels! *smiling*

I’m a bit of a hotel snob so capturing this shot overlooking Atlanta was PER-FECT-O!

details on my look
tank: Forever 21
pants: Forever 21+
shoes: Jordans
bracelets: BCBG via Belk
shades: Dolce & Gabana
lips: MAC Red by Mac Cosmetics **my fav red lipstick

ebby.K in the News – Everyday Runway w/Jennifer Michelle

I can not BELIEVE I hadTV appearance on WCCB Charlotte News Rising Everyday Runway segment with model Jennifer Michelle.

The opportunity to share my story was truly ordained by God; totally caught me by surprise. I always say, you never know who’s watching you and this experience was no exception.

Everything from the fitting at Off Saks 5th in Concord Mills with stylist Enjaneek, having my custom wig created by my long time stylist and friend Tara at Salon Transitions, and getting my face “beat” by the only man I will allow to put makeup on my face, Laron of Prodigal Beauty – this was nothing short of a dream come true for me – I can definitely get used to this!

Jennifer Michelle, contacted me a week prior to the show’s scheduled air date about being on her segment Everyday Runway on WCCB Charlotte to talk about my weight loss journey. I met Jennifer when I volunteered backstage at a fashion show in Charlotte back in April. Who would have known that five months later, Jennifer and I would reconnect and this time it would include a full makeover highlighting the success of my weight loss – WOW

What’s funny is that I started to buckle down in my weight loss late March/early April. So when I met Jennifer, Classy Fit Gal (me, ebby.K) was working on herself in the background on the low low not realizing that the birthing of my “baby” was happening as I began to work on me – isn’t that CRAZY!

Let’s just say this experience was nothing short of amazing and I totally felt comfortable in front of the camera; they called me a “natural” at this. #smiling

Honestly, I thought I would be nervous but NOT! I was actually more excited than anything. I knew I had just a few minutes to not only talk about why I started my weight loss journey but was also given the opportunity to share my heart – my love – Classy Fit Gals.

Having the opportunity to share my story with people outside of my social network was nothing short of a blessing from the One above.

Below is a snippet of the television segment.


Jennifer also shared my makeover experience on her blog, check it out here.

This was an experience that I take in daily and savor every memory. It’s moments of reflections like this that keep me going; especially on days when I feel like giving up.

This journey isn’t just for me, but it’s for everyone else who is counting on me to succeed.

details on the look…
Opportunity: Jennifer Michelle
Hair: Tara @ Salon Transitions
Makeup: Laron, Prodigal Beauty
Attire: Off 5th (Saks), Concord Mills
Dress: Calvin Klien
Shoes: Brian Atwood