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ebby.K in the News – Everyday Runway w/Jennifer Michelle

I can not BELIEVE I hadTV appearance on WCCB Charlotte News Rising Everyday Runway segment with model Jennifer Michelle.

The opportunity to share my story was truly ordained by God; totally caught me by surprise. I always say, you never know who’s watching you and this experience was no exception.

Everything from the fitting at Off Saks 5th in Concord Mills with stylist Enjaneek, having my custom wig created by my long time stylist and friend Tara at Salon Transitions, and getting my face “beat” by the only man I will allow to put makeup on my face, Laron of Prodigal Beauty – this was nothing short of a dream come true for me – I can definitely get used to this!

Jennifer Michelle, contacted me a week prior to the show’s scheduled air date about being on her segment Everyday Runway on WCCB Charlotte to talk about my weight loss journey. I met Jennifer when I volunteered backstage at a fashion show in Charlotte back in April. Who would have known that five months later, Jennifer and I would reconnect and this time it would include a full makeover highlighting the success of my weight loss – WOW

What’s funny is that I started to buckle down in my weight loss late March/early April. So when I met Jennifer, Classy Fit Gal (me, ebby.K) was working on herself in the background on the low low not realizing that the birthing of my “baby” was happening as I began to work on me – isn’t that CRAZY!

Let’s just say this experience was nothing short of amazing and I totally felt comfortable in front of the camera; they called me a “natural” at this. #smiling

Honestly, I thought I would be nervous but NOT! I was actually more excited than anything. I knew I had just a few minutes to not only talk about why I started my weight loss journey but was also given the opportunity to share my heart – my love – Classy Fit Gals.

Having the opportunity to share my story with people outside of my social network was nothing short of a blessing from the One above.

Below is a snippet of the television segment.


Jennifer also shared my makeover experience on her blog, check it out here.

This was an experience that I take in daily and savor every memory. It’s moments of reflections like this that keep me going; especially on days when I feel like giving up.

This journey isn’t just for me, but it’s for everyone else who is counting on me to succeed.

details on the look…
Opportunity: Jennifer Michelle
Hair: Tara @ Salon Transitions
Makeup: Laron, Prodigal Beauty
Attire: Off 5th (Saks), Concord Mills
Dress: Calvin Klien
Shoes: Brian Atwood

fashionably FIT!

I’m a sucker for anything FABULOUS and that includes my work out clothes. Before I got serious, I admit I went to the gym looking rather shabby and guess what – I felt shabby too!

I truly believe that when you feel gorgeous you will not only walk in your AWESOMENESS but you will perform the way you feel.  MY personal performance exceeded when I started to give a crap about how I looked when I work out.

Here are some tips on how to look CLASSY and SASSY during your work outs:


If you follow me on instagram, whether on my personal account (@iamebbyK) or Classy Fit Gals (@classyfitgals) account you notice that I love color. I don’t care if the color is on my hips or my lips – I’m a lover of color.

Well, I found some gorgeous work out clothes in both TJ Maxx and Target! Those are my two go-to stores for work out gear. I highly advise checking out both stores for your work out clothes. The brighter you are, the better you will work out – I am totally convinced!

Note: If you sign up for the Target Debit/Credit card you get 5% off your purchase. Also, download the Target Cartwheel app on your smart phone – they have coupons galore for things you would not imagine. You never know what work out essentials you will find in the app!


Side Note: It bothers me when I see women working out and their boobs are popping out left to right OR if the boobs are spilling over the bra – no no no!!!

Before I became serious about my health and wellness, I invested some bucks in a good sports bra that I purchased from designer lingerie store. Let’s just say, this year when I really got serious about working out and I started to loose weight, my boob cup size shrunk and I killed that poor bra.

When I went to Dallas I went to Ladies Footlocker and purchased four sports bras. One is by Under Armour and the other three are the Maia bras by Moving Comfort. Let me be the first to brag and tell you this – these sports bras are A-MA-ZING!

What I love about the Moving Comfort bras are the adjustable straps – I did purchase three and they were worth every penny. I am a true believer that there are just some things in life you can’t be frugal with and my bras are definitely one of them.

I LOVE all four of my new bras because they “hold me down” and they look and feel great –  and guess what – they are all HIGH COMPRESSION/ HIGH IMPACT bras. The girls are holding together rather nicely!

My boobs still have cup size to them (smiling) BUT these bras really hold me together and I do not have to worry about them slapping me in your face in the middle of your work out! The less distractions the better the work out!


Now if you’ve been following me, you know that I have a love for “fashion” and beautiful things. It doesn’t matter what is is! Never in a million years did I think I would have a closet full of sneakers. I have an undying unconditional love for colorful, fashion forward sneakers. I could care less (back then) what the exact function of the sneaker was, I only cared about how it looked with my workout clothes (vanity at it’s best – I admit it). WELL little did I know that wearing the proper sneakers for the various exercises I was doing would not only help my joints but also help my performance!

Here are some of my favorite sneakers!

Asics Gel Noosa 8
Now only are these sneakers FUN and FASHIONABLE but they are great for running (as long as you are properly fitted for them). I can run in them (MUST wear my compression gear) but I love them for cross training, zumba, etc. Throw on some fun work out pants with these and your Classy Fit Gal shirt and you are looking FAB as ever while working out!

All runners LOVE Brooks! When I purchased my first pair of Brooks I was NOT into working out let alone running. My boyfriend (now husband) convinced me to get a pair and I did. Guess where they were for years – in the pile of shoes in my closet. I dug up these babies today and said OMG I have a pair of Brooks.

Fast forward, now that I love running (you have to mentally tell yourself you LOVE something in order for you to even “like it) Brooks will be my “go to” for running – especially in races. I’m not a “blue” gal so I will be getting fitted for a pink pair in the VERY NEAR future (sssh don’t tell my husband)

New Balance
These are new to my work out gear. I actually was fitted for these sneakers a week ago and I like them. They’ve been in the back of my trunk because my Asics have been “the sneaker” of choice for me BUT it’s time for me to break them in. They feel really good and light when I did the test run during my fitting and I felt like I could run a half marathon in them!

Nike AirMax
When my husband got me these sneakers, he knew I needed some running shoes BUT they didn’t quite work for me so now I wear them as a regular work out shoe when heading to the gym. They are comfy and may be a good running sneaker BUT I would suggest getting fitted for them to determine if this is the right fit for you. The sneakers make a bright fashion statement when working out – I love them!


Headphones – Beats by Dre
I truly feel that the right accessories will set off your fitness gear. Now I knew I always wanted a bear of BEATS but I was willing to hold off on them BUT when I saw these babies, I had to have them.  Talking about keeping you focused during your work out and the sound is phenomenal. You have to be careful though because you can surely miss something if you have them on too loud. I honestly can’t hear a thing around me when I am wearing them. Not sure how safe that is during my early morning/late night runs. I would say, make sure the volume is loud enough for you to be focused but low enough so that you can be aware.

Arm Band
I found this flashy and fun armband in TJ Maxx. Again, you know how I feel about TJMaxx – my fav store by far where you can find designer on a dime.  This arm band is comfy and serves it’s purpose. My first time using it was during my first 5K and it worked perfectly. Here is a cute one at Target.

How can you not love a flashy pair of socks???? I purchase the majority of my socks from Target. The flashier the better for me! Find some funky socks here.

Polar Watch
I know you’ve seen on instagram all of these women wearing these pink watches that tells them how many calories they have burned. Well guess what – it’s the Polar FT4 watch. Now, I am not sure why other women chose this particular model BUT I will be honest to tell you that I picked this particular model because it was the only model that came in the color PINK! Terrible, I know BUT it also tells me how many calories I’ve burned during a session so I got double goodness duty on this one.  I purchased mine from Amazon, find it here.

Truly fashion and fitness go hand in hand and working out should NOT be an excuse to look amazing. True story, the ladies in the gym always comment on how fab I look when I work out – all I do is blush and say thank you! You never know who you can inspire just by looking bright, bold, classy and sassy.

I hope that this post has inspired you to look Classy, Sassy and FIERCE while you’re working out.

Trust me, you will feel better about yourself and I am 100% sure you will be more motivated to have amazing work outs!

be inspired.

“my Life” ~ the essence of TIME

Not sure if you knew this but I have been a blogging before blogging was hot.

Heck, they didn’t even call it blogging back then! I started back in 2004 to be honest. I was very young back then, actually not that young- 25 to say the least BUT during that season in my life (and this still holds true) I realized that writing was a form of communication that allowed me to express my feelings, thoughts and emotions – putting it out on the table – without having the feeling that I had to hold anything back.
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